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Welcome to the National Football League Jersey page. As an avid Detroit Lions fan, it has been hard for me to have anything to cheer for in the NFL. I started collecting football cards as a little boy and have since transferred that love into Jerseys.


Growing up in a small town in Michigan, Football on Friday nights is what everyone lived for. As a 5’6″, 110 lbs kid in high school, lets just say I wasn’t on the team. But when it came to back yard football, I was pretty good. When I was in the 7th grade I got diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, and had to wear kidney pads under my clothing for 3 years. Thus resulting in my parents not allowing me to play sports. As I got older and remained in remission for a couple years, I was able to play basketball and baseball.

Baseball became my love. I was always good at Baseball and really never had to work at it. I was on the Travel team at the age of 8 until I graduated from High School. I had dreams of going to college to play but I never applied myself in school and thus never went any further.


My dream was to one day play in the Major Leagues for the Detroit Tigers. When I couldn’t get into the colleges I wanted because of my grades and was told to go to a Junior College I gave up. I went to work in the local factory with my mom. About four years into that I made some changes.

In 2003, I joined the U.S. Army. Not really knowing what to expect, I figured I wasn’t going anywhere working in a factory and I had always like to travel, so why not try it. I enlisted as a Field Artillery Soldier and loved it. I deployed in 2003 to Iraq immediately after graduating from Basic Training. I loved the fact that all I had to do was follow orders and it was that easy. Later, 3 deployments completed, 10 years of service, a not much to show for it, I was asked by my Command Sergeant Major about my dreams and goals.

My dream still hadn’t changed but I had. I still wanted to be a part of the Detroit Tigers organization, however, no education really limited me. We sat down that day and outlined my dream with goals. Currently in year 16 of my Service, I now have a Bachelors Degree from American Military University in Sports Management and feel like I am getting closer to that end goal of one day working for the Detroit Tigers.


The purpose of the website is to make it easier for fans to find the NFL Jersey they are looking for.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Benjamin Ringman


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